Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Halloween Special Dinner at Matthew Kenney

After this amazing first week with so much delicious food and so many fun recipes we prepared, we got the chance to attend a special 4 course Halloween Menu, prepared exclusively by chef Shawn, one of our instructors. 

It was a beautifully designed menu with very funky names for the courses and even our waiters got creative and dressed up in style.  

It started off with a Bottomless Poison Ginger “Slime”-aid followed by a delicious and light Bone-chilling carrot & onion soup. The appetizer was the Ghostly Porcini-Pesto Mini Tombstone, basically a slice of pizza bread, topped with delicious pesto and a truffle mushroom cream, so delicious, I had 3 pieces of it.  

The main course was a very innovative seasonally inspired new take on the classical lasagne technique we just covered in class during week 1. Instead of layering zucchini pasta slices with the classical marinara, pesto and macadamia cream combination, we would find lightly marinated, crunchy green string beans covered in a deliciously rich and flavorful mashed pumpkin cream: The Sa´squash´ & Green Goblin Lasagne. This was my favorite! The perfect fall dish, because the pumpkin made it grounding and a very comforting meal, creating enough warmth and heat in the body to leave you satisfied. 

But it didn´t end here: The Treat was a Webbed Creepy Crawler Tart, basically a layered chocolate orange tart, very nice, chocolaty, sweet, with a tang from orange zest. We left with full bellies and it felt like a real treat, no tricks ;-) Thanks Chef Shawn!


  1. Oh! a link to our dinners: http://elogourmet.blogspot.com/p/galeriagallery.html
    Hope to have you here once :)