Friday, May 27, 2011

Vegan and Raw hit the press

The vegan movement has reached a critical mass and with it also the raw food movement is catching up in light speed and is getting massive press coverage. It is amazing to see how many press articles are being written about the subject and how the press is just literally jumping on the subject. I recently had the Deutsche Welle camera team over at my dinner club and they shot a piece on my raw dinner club and interviewed my guests. The piece was out there already a couple of months ago and now, only by coincidence I find it embedded already into another piece on veganism and the raw food movement, circulating in the web:

Still waiting for the Tagesschau coverage, but it is soon to come. Watch out :-)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Raw Magic in Berlin

Last weekend, I had the great pleasure to host Kate Magic for a magical workshop on raw and superfoods here in Berlin. Kate is the founder of one of Europe's biggest online sellers of raw products and superfoods, Raw Living, where you can find a great selection of products. The store features not only regular raw food products, but also exotic ayurvedic herbs like Ashwaganda, medicinal mushrooms like reishi, brain stimulants like Etherium Gold or amazing sweeteners like black currant powder or baobab. Kate is a most loving mother of 3 beautiful kids and has also written and published 4 books, one of which, Raw Magic, explaining the use of the aforementioned superfoods, as well as many more, in your daily life with a great selection of sweet and savory recipes.
Friday evening started with a very informative talk on healthy nutrition and making the raw food diet work in your daily life. Berlin's best organic salad bar Eve & Adams hosted this talk. Kate shared her experiences as a mum and lots of knowledge that she has gathered during her time being raw, and of course, she also shared raw living's more decadent cake Dedicakeshun, moist and delicious just like a baked brownie, but totally healthy and raw! So good :-)

During Saturday's workshop which took part in my studio loft, Kate focused more on the practicalities and also went into much more depth in the theory of raw food. During 4 hours, packed with information on raw foods, a healthy diet and theoretical background on superfoods and the general raw food diet, Kate shared with us four of her favorite recipes: a sunflower seed mayonnaise, a mouthwatering nut and seed free yellow curry, coconut oil based maca - macadamia chocolate bars as well as the best cake ever: A fluffy sprouted buckwheat cake base sweetened with lucuma, xylotol and maca, topped with a purple frosting, made from avocado, purple corn and blackcurrant powder. So yummy and surprisingly light for a raw cake!

It was a great workshop with lots of helpful, practical information and yummy food. Thank you Kate for bringing your Raw Magic to Berlin and hopefully there will be more people in the future to get a taste of it, when she comes back next year in spring :-)