Wednesday, September 8, 2010

b.alive! dinner in Rome: Beautiful notes from a guest

Yesterday evening was a true highlight in my life as a raw food chef. My dearest friends Sienna and Yves opened their Roman Palace , which they call their humble home, in the center of Monti in Rome, to host the Roman episode of my latest dinner series: Tropical Inspirations from Bali.

Watching over the roofs of Monti under new moon, 22 excited guests were served a fusion repertoire of Asian inspired raw food dishes on the beautiful roof top terrace of the apartment, surrounded by Sienna's amazing herb garden. The excitement was met and all of them left with smiling faces. I received so much nice feedback and comments from everyone and Elizabeth even wrote an entire blog post about the dinner. And so did Sarah May on her Compassionate Hedonist Blog. So, at this point, I won't go on and talk more about it, but read for yourself from the perspective of two really happy guests :-)

Here are the articles:
Raw Food in Rome, by Elizabeth Minchilli

b.alive! in Rome, by Sarah May


  1. It was a joy! Glad I could be part of it.

  2. It was a true inspiration to dine with you and eat your wonderful food.