Friday, November 27, 2009

b.alive! in the New York Times

The past few months have been very inspiring and I had the chance to connect with so many amazing people just by following my passion. Lovely freelance writer and mother Kimberly Bradley popped into my dinner club for lunch this spring because a friend had told her about it and here I am, my picture in the New York Times.

Recently, film producers Eric Swartz and Sarah Bolton from Memphis came to Berlin for the 20 year fall of the wall celebrations to shoot a documentary on an artists perspective of Berlin after the reunion of which I will be part as well :-) You can check out some of their footage on their facebook page Children of the Wall.

I could go on with things that have been happening, but I guess my point I want to make here is the law of attraction. Follow your passion, do what you believe in, and things will come to you "miraculously". There is no rocket science to it, just live with integrity, b.yourself, b.honest, b.passionate, b.alive! :-)

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