Thursday, February 18, 2010

AphraWdisiac Valentine's

Last weekend I was gifted one of these endless blissful moments in the career of a raw food chef and culinary artist: All the vibrations of love in the air of Valentine's weekend culminated in the heart of Berlin and in mine, with 15 excited and lovely angels gliding into my little loft in Mitte.
Melanie from and myself created 5 culinary pieces of art full of love and devotion to take our shiny lightelves to their heaven of aphrawdisiac tastes, feelings and maybe even experiences (I do not have details on that :-)

Our 5 course candlelight dinner started off with a beautiful infused red hibiscus wine accompanied by a tantalizing walnut saffron paté with a slight note of vanilla served on crunchy chocolate nachos. This explosive combination was already enough to make some "aphrodized" angels fly away in acroyogic positions...

The following heart(beat) rawvioli, filled with fermented creamy cashew "cheeze", in combination with in mint marinated asparagus picked up the stimulation of the hors d'oeuvres and raised the heart beats of all, certainly mine, not even eating them but just feeling the resonance in the air and the eyes of the served.

The earthy flavurs combined with the aphrodisiac qualities of Truffle from Bagnoli, one of Italy's most famous places for this beautiful, precious black gold, combined with the superfood qualities of raw cacao and goji berries, made the main course one of the most unusual and exclusive culinary adventures of the evening. Angel hair pasta with a fruity truffle chocolate pesto literally took all of our tasting angels on a journey. The most aphrodisiac ingredients truffle, chocolate, berries, saffran and chilli all combined on one plate! Do I need to say more...?

Back to more familiar tastes, and strictly following the Italian tradition to have salad after pasta, a lovely arrangement of salad greens, pears, creamy almond ricotta and pine nuts topped with a balsam infused figs vinaigrette and sprinkled with orange pepper gave an uplifting finishing touch to the savory cycle of our love dinner.

There is only one thing that could raise the vibrations and emotions of all even more at this point: the magic ingredient that makes every heart melt: darkest, purest, abundant chocolate. A light, fluffy venus chocolate mousse that melting in your mouth set free aphrodisiac spices and flavors like vanilla, tonka bean and maca, was served with a fiery wild berry coulis and mayan chilli chocolate hearts. Conversations stopped and time stood still except moving tongues to melt this Aphrawdisiac chocolate heaven.

15 happy, shining angels floated away in bliss letting behind two smiling, happy chefs. After truly one of my most magical dinners, my dreams that night were full of love and joy including the beautiful angels we took on our little journey. Thank you all. - b.chocolate - b.magical!


  1. I love the description of the main course! Thanks you two!


  2. I love how you brought that evening back to life with your words :-) Thank you!

  3. My mouth is literally watering! I need teleportation to be invented to I can attend every one of your delectable meals!